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Ben 10: Ben 10000 by Assassin-VariableX Ben 10: Ben 10000 by Assassin-VariableX
And so we have the ORIGINAL Ben 10000 from "Ben 10000" and "Ken 10", not the pussied up Ben 10k from "Ben 10000 Returns".

These are awesome characters:
Ben 10k's a badass who's gotten vast experience with the Omnitrix
Gwendolyn's a badass with her magic, black belt, and Charm's of Bezel
I gave Charmcaster a 10k upgrade
Animo-mutant Vilgax continues to be a badass mutant
Cyborg Max is a cyborg and elderly and badass
Kenny is a clever little xerox of his father who no longer exists because his mother, Kai, got retconned out of existence
Devlin is a badass with his father's original mutation but without the insanity and has also been rendered noncanon
Kevin 11000 is a badass mutant sociopath who is practically invincible

So, yeah, this is the badass future that could have been if Ben and Kevin hadn't gotten all pussied up in Ultimate Alien Force.
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I don't know(or can't remember since I haven't visited your stuff in a while) if you like Kai but since this is good for Ken let me share(in case you don't know) the fact that Kai is back in one of the newest Omniverse episodes and has gone Lara Croft on us(with a side of Nancy Drew in my opinion) and has been teased to obtain A certain sword restuck in it's stone and still thinking of Benwolf.

If that doesn't bode well for Ken 10's future existence and exploits I don't know what will.

Oh and the episode has lots more in it but I figured I spoiled enough.
NightscreamArachnia Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
Assassin-VariableX Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
Thanks a bunch!
dman7 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
Love the Ben 10,000 pic. 42 year old Ben Tennyson now has a son Ken,Gwen is the same age as Ben.Kevin Levin is 43 now and also had a son named Devlin.92 year old Grandpa Max Tennyson has lost weight and has a cyborg arm now and elderly man. Charmcaster is in her middle aged 50 but she's doing her black magic stiil on her own.And Vilgax got so bigger and stronger bad alien but Ben 10,000 can still takin' him down besides Ben is the hero of the future.
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August 4, 2011
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